I wanted to capture the magical silver-haired part of me that has emerged in recent years. But she is shy and not easily tamed. I knew Marloes was a mystical, safe presence that could entice this wild, slinky, mysterious self to reveal herself. Marloes helped me to vision our experience before we came together. To feel and see the energies that wanted to come forward. She found out what lights me up, so she knew how to whisper to my soul when I became tense or overwhelmed. Stepping in front of the camera, she gently guided me to connect with the trees and speak the poetry that brings me home to my soul. We moved through my favourite parts of my local woods, creating a wide variety of photos I will be using for years to come. Marloes saw and captured so many of my different essence qualities - playful, fierce, gentle, magical, sensitive, powerful, deep, ancient knowing. This helped me to rise into new energies that stretched me, rather than shrinking back and playing small. When I share the photos, others see these qualities and reflect them back to me, strengthening this expanded identity each time. Working with Marloes is a powerful transformational experience, as well as being so valuable for the work I am called to do. Another step to boldly claim the visionary leader I am, and to support others to do the same, so together we can create a better future.